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Drought & Future of Water in Conejo Valley

Get the latest water updates straight from the source! Calleguas Metropolitan Water District provides water to all of the water districts in the City of Thousand Oaks. Calleguas staff will provide a comprehensive overview of all things water and answer…

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Save Energy and Virtually Hang Glide

  Bike while hang gliding It might sound crazy, but Energy Upgrade California  has launched an exclusive virtual reality tour that allows you to bike while hang gliding. Until the end of August, it’s right here in Thousand Oaks! Energy Upgrade is a state initiative dedicated…

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The Scoop on Dog Poop

This is a guest post written by Christine Koenig. Dog waste isn’t a topic most people talk about on a daily basis, but this “business” should be discussed. Pet owners who don’t have their dog’s droppings top of mind likely…

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raptor on pole

Alternatives to Rodent Poison

When residents have unwanted rodents on their property, poison is often their go-to solution. But most people don’t realize the danger this choice poses not only to children and pets, but also to wildlife. As outlined in a Green Scene blog post…

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